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Bowstones kennel has had 7 Cavalier Champions and 5 Shih Tzu Champions

Bowstones Coriandra (1CC)  

Arietta & Zelma (1970's)

 Zelma became Ch Bowstones Zelma in 1977

Henrietta - the 1st Bowstones champion - 1960    

  Ann's mother's Ch Bowstones Crowvalley

                                                               ShanTang - (8CCs & Top Utility in her year)   

Cavalier Champions and CC winners

All Tricolour and date title awarded

Ch Bowstones Henrietta        7CCs  1961

Ch Bowstones Brigid             3CCs  1967

Ch Bowstones Victoria of Littlebreach

                                               3CCs   1968

Ch Bowstones Dita                3CCs   1971

Ch Bowstones Zelma            3CCs   1977

Ch Astraddle Cause N Havoc of Bowstones

                                               4CCs    1983

Shih Tzu Champions and CC winners

Ch Bowstones Shapur of Cathay         3CCs  1973

Ch Bowstones Crowvalley Shan  Tang 8CCs1978  

Ch Bowstones Meena of Attocyl          3CCs  1979  

Ch Bowstones Shu Shan                     3CCs  1988  


Bowstones Goldoration  1CC

CC winner

Ttiweh Torquil O’Cockpen  one of the earliest winning Black and Tans behind most of todays Black and Tans. 1CC and 5RCCs in the 1960s


Cavalier Champions Abroad.

Sw Ch   Bowstones Carilla               1960

Can Ch Bowstones Bob Major         1982

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