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I trained as an infant Junior teacher and when I had my two children I ran my own play group at home.



I always enjoyed painting and drawing, but in the absence of any formal art education I was often very frustrated with the results!


Then I discovered porcelain and my whole world opened up to this wonderful, new, delicate, transparent medium.  I was able to create flowers and animals, fire them at a high temperature, hand paint them, then re-fire them several more times, to produce delicate wild life sculptures.  They were well received and for many years I sold at craft venues, shops and art exhibitions.


By working hard I gained full membership to the Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers, The Society of Women Artists, and I was a founder member of the Society of Botanical Artists.  When my personal circumstances changed I had to give up these memberships as the maintenance fees are very high.


With the advent of mass produced, reproduction sculpture, my art world changed again.  I didn’t want to learn mould making and I hated the smell of resin.


So once again I picked up my brushes and pencils and my sculpture skills began to show through.  Because of my sculpture I had learnt how to appreciate fine detail and I had learnt a little about anatomy, especially if the animal was furry!.


I am now a full member of the Society of Floral Painters.


I returned to teaching once more, this time to work with teenagers with various social problems.  Helping them to discover their own artistic passions and self beliefs gave me some of the most rewarding teaching days of my career.


Now I am content to work in all mediums and I have discovered that it is great fun to combine them.  I don’t believe there are hard and fast rules.  Just believe in yourself and maintain a consuming passion for your subject.


Jenny Kennish   SFP



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